PKC3 Schools

Region 3 is leading the way in Sport Martial Arts in Ohio


PKC Schools receive lots of benefits.  The PKC logo is like a seal of good housekeeping, look for it on an event flier and you will know that you are going to a high quality event! As a PKC school you can  apply to have your own tournaments sanctioned by the PKC and in turn gain more competitors at your event!

Once you have became a PKC 3 School you will want to start signing students up as members so they can accumulate points.  A PKC membership for one year is $40, a renewal is $25 which would last another year.  A lifetime membership is $225 and it does not expire within your lifetime! Sign Up TODAY!!(Member Form)

Top National Schools

1. American Karate Studios   20546

2. Venson Dojo                        15378

3. Kokomo Fire Dragons        13739

4. Terrel Davis                          7956

5. Donnie Michael                    5651



School Information