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Region 3 is leading the way in Sport Martial Arts in Ohio

Ohio PKC Standings Will Be Linked Here:

Ohio PKC Standings December 8th 2018 (1st Revision)

Standings after the King of the Ring will be posted on December 1st. These will not be considered final until either all members are current as of 2019, or the more likely option, that the date is 1/1/2019. All expired members have until noon on 12/31/2018 to renew their membership. Once these standings have been posted, there is a two week period to report any discrepancies or missing points. After that two week period is over, the standings will become unofficial final standings.

Beginning 1/1/2019 PKC Region 3 will no longer supply results from PKC Region 3 sanctioned events for free. Any organization that co-sanctions with a PKC Region 3 event, will have to purchase the results from PKC Region 3. It is the responsibility of the promoter to inform co-sanctioning bodies of this new policy.

Members Expired for 60 Days will be terminated.

PKC Region 3 Membership Form

Ohio always has used the point value system of

8, 6, 4, & 2 points for places 1st through 4th.


Overall State Champions